NR Bsessions: looking backwards and moving forwards

Whilst working tirelessly to breathe life into current projects, I stumbled across the post-event recap that was developed for each of the Bsessions.

The sessions were developed to stimulate conversation and ultimately connect a community of people that are brilliant!

Fond memories to look back on whilst working on some exciting new things to come - watch this space.

NR out and about: Last night was a good night

Braving the wind and rain for Clare Press is generally a yes. When she is launching a new book, it’s a definite and I’m bringing a few of my tribe along too!

Rise and Resist was launched last night at Glee Books amongst a group of friends, family and change-makers. Fitting crowd for a book that explores the intersection of activism and communities with a focus on social and environmental justice.

Extremely well researched, the book features interviews with well known individuals that have driven some of the biggest movements yet including Orsola de Castro and Carrie Somers - Fashion Revolution and some of those you SHOULD become familiar with like Harriet Spark from Strawkle.

DO ONE THING. This was one of the key takeaways from the event. What is it that will awake the active (global) citizen in you? There’s a good chance it will be reading this book!

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NR out and about: Inside. Outside. Upsidedown - an exhibition

Liane Rossler is one of those women that you constantly find yourself grateful to have encountered. Brilliant inside and out, her work imparts an eternal yearning to see and hear more. Artist, designer, curator, creative advisor and friend - her latest piece of work, a solo exhibition Inside. Outside. Upsidedown; that provokes the mind to entertain the notion of 9 billion people on the planet by 2050 and what effect that might have on our natural surroundings and reconsider the objects we 'need' in our lives. 

 Inside. Outside. Upsidedown. 2018 - From 18 August to 22 September 2018 at  Annette Larkin Fine Art , 8 Soudan Lane Paddington NSW #IOU18

Inside. Outside. Upsidedown. 2018 - From 18 August to 22 September 2018 at Annette Larkin Fine Art, 8 Soudan Lane Paddington NSW #IOU18

Sustainability and nature have always been a big part of Lianes work and in her interview with me for Simpatico, she reveals that it's something that she is going to be incorporating more and more into her projects.  

If you can, it's an exhibition worth popping into - these pieces are also multi-functional, so don't forget to mark one with a red dot. 

NR out and about: Social Good Summit, Sydney 2018

Those that work within the social and / or environmental space are familiar with the myriad of events that take place in the aim of exploring topics at the forefront of the current agenda as well as promising the age old opportunity of 'networking'. 

The Social Good Summit took place in Sydney recently and I volunteered in my capacity as an Alumni member of the Global Shapers community. The summit provided a platform to bring together Government, Organisations, NFP / NGO, Academia around catalysing the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's). 

In my opinion, the SDG's are incredibly powerful as they provide a framework that allows all parties to collaborate around - a clear direction in an industry that could do with some standardisation. 

The turn-out was excellent and the Sydney Global Shaper team really did their part with over 10 members putting up their hand to volunteer. Josh Ross, one of the Founding members of the Humanitix team was on-site ensuring that ticketing went smoothly too. 


NR out and about: City of Sydney, City Talks

The startup scene in Sydney is gaining traction, and in true fashion the City of Sydney facilitated a program through their City Talks launched their Visiting entrepreneur program to inform, inspire and engage the local community. 

I was lucky enough to attend a talk that featured Jim McKelvey as headline speaker, known for his work as a glass-blower but more notably as co-founder of Square

The talk was brilliant, delving into his journey and also focused on the democratisation of data, given his new venture Invisibly... if you missed it, here is the link

It's definitely worth sticking in for the panel discussion which features talks from an amazing Founder, Leisl Yearsley on a mission to bring about the ethical co-evolution of humans and AI. 


NR Travel: The Slow, Bali - Indonesia

One a recent trip to Bali Indonesia, it became apparent that the island continues to be one of the most popular holiday destinations for Australians. Staying at The Slow in what once was the sleepy district of Canggu, now an alternative to the hustle and bustle of Seminyak, spoilt the creative senses. 

Self-described as an 'immersive experience' The Slow was developed by ex-Ksubi George Gorrow and co, and offers a tranquil and luxurious stay. Modern suites equipped with sustainably sourced timber, an Art collection to dream of and their very own radio station, live up to the tag-line: Get here fast, and take it slow... 


NR Trend / Innovation hunting: The future of food

Whilst researching content for our new project - Simpatico, we will share some of the exciting innovations we stumble across. 

It's no surprise that we will be faced with food scarcity given factors such as climate change and a growing population. Studio Playfool has launched a set of mirrored tableware that aims to reduce food consumption by tricking your mind and appealing to your psychological sensibilities. 


- Valentina Zarew | Founder, Newromantic

NR Thinking for | Reducing your footprint was in touch recently to gain some expert advice on how to reduce your footprint as a home-owner. Article here.

The advice given included avoid single use items such plastic bags and takeaway coffee cups.

Single use items such as plastic bags come at a major environmental cost - it has been estimated that one plastic bag takes up to 1000 years to biodegrade, and even then they don't ever truly breakdown.

Every year 280 million tons of plastic is produced globally, yet estimates suggest that only 10% each year is actually recycled. 

Plastic innovation is a huge area of personal interest ever since working on Plasticity Forum at The Bravery, since 2012. This event took place at the Rio+20 in it's first  year,  as a way of bringing together industry to encourage innovation and collaboration within this space. Since, the Forum has been to Hong Kong, New York and Portugal. 

Alternatives to plastic bags if you're simply visiting the supermarket include cardboard boxes or any other type of reusable bag. For businesses, paper bags work. 

Disposable coffee cups - whether Styrofoam or paper, are a huge problem with an estimated 58 billion being disposed of each year. Australian based business KeepCup are pioneering the way in encouraging the use of reusable cups by offering a range of stylish alternatives to the old throw-away coffee cup. 

- Valentina Zarew | Founder, Newromantic


Collab \ Covet: Maiyet x Warby Parker

One of our favourite sustainable designers Maiyet has just released a collection in collaboration with Warby Parker - Bird. 

Both organisations are social enterprises at heart and they do not compromise on design. For every pair from this beautiful collection that is sold, Warby Parker will donate a pair of glasses to someone in need and Maiyet have pledged to donate to Nest, a NFP the organisation has been partnering with for some time. 

Pic sourced from Maiyet. 

- Valentina Zarew | Founder, Newromantic

NR Thinking: Greece - opportunity for innovation?

The economic crisis in Greece has us wondering whether this will start to encourage innovative and entrepreneurial efforts by businesses and locals alike. As unemployment continues to rise, recent research released by The Global Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation suggests

'that while the global economy is in flux, entrepreneurs are optimistic and are actually creating jobs.' 

Venture capitalists such as OpenFund see the potential and have invested in local tech projects. The Shared Value Economy has also been cited as a way of industry and government coming together to encourage 'social value to thrive' in this piece by a Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum. 

- Valentina Zarew | Founder, Newromantic 


Photos taken on a trip to Greece in 2012. 

NR Travel: The Hunter Valley, NSW

One of Australia's best known wine regions, The Hunter Valley is a short car trip from central Sydney, making it the perfect weekend getaway. 

We stayed at Carriages, a boutique hotel set on a modest vineyard and naturally spent time wondering from vineyard to vineyard tasting some exceptional drops. A mandatory stop along the way include Australia's largest producer of organic wines - Tamburlaine as well as Scarborough  - a Chardonnay lovers heaven. 

Winding down Sunday with a late lunch at Circa 1876. This restaurant is one of The Hunter Valley's most iconic destinations and boasts a menu that is developed with food provenance and sustainability in mind. Set on lush green grounds that hold the kitchen garden. 

NR Thinking: Generation WHY? Filling us with purpose...

Purpose economy is fast becoming the new trend and is it surprising given it’s lead by Generation Y? 

Characteristically, Gen Y’s are defined as the generation that has found it difficult to fit into the traditional paradigm of the job market. At first, Y’s were considered lazy, spoilt and that they possess poor work ethic - now? They are our answer to ‘reshaping the Australian economy’ -     

Proving perceptions wrong, determined Y’s are adding their values to the mix, and are forging careers that have purpose - hello 'Purpose Economy'. Still in it’s nascent stages here in Australia - but not for long thanks to organisations like B corp, pushing the purpose agenda down under. 

This is a 'behind the scenes' of a business we are currently incubating that has purpose at it's absolute core. More details coming soon....

- Valentina Zarew | Founder, Newromantic