NR Thinking for | Reducing your footprint was in touch recently to gain some expert advice on how to reduce your footprint as a home-owner. Article here.

The advice given included avoid single use items such plastic bags and takeaway coffee cups.

Single use items such as plastic bags come at a major environmental cost - it has been estimated that one plastic bag takes up to 1000 years to biodegrade, and even then they don't ever truly breakdown.

Every year 280 million tons of plastic is produced globally, yet estimates suggest that only 10% each year is actually recycled. 

Plastic innovation is a huge area of personal interest ever since working on Plasticity Forum at The Bravery, since 2012. This event took place at the Rio+20 in it's first  year,  as a way of bringing together industry to encourage innovation and collaboration within this space. Since, the Forum has been to Hong Kong, New York and Portugal. 

Alternatives to plastic bags if you're simply visiting the supermarket include cardboard boxes or any other type of reusable bag. For businesses, paper bags work. 

Disposable coffee cups - whether Styrofoam or paper, are a huge problem with an estimated 58 billion being disposed of each year. Australian based business KeepCup are pioneering the way in encouraging the use of reusable cups by offering a range of stylish alternatives to the old throw-away coffee cup. 

- Valentina Zarew | Founder, Newromantic