NR Thinking: Traceability - Food and Fashion

There is a noticeable shift in the way we are consuming food and growing popularity to understand not only where it comes from but who is making it. Movements like 'paddock to plate' and 'growing it local' are only gaining momentum in Australia - but what about our clothing?

I was lucky enough to have met and worked with Wendy Savage, Sr Manager Supply Chain Responsibility & Traceability whilst she was in Sydney, Australia working with my team at The Bravery to share the details of Patagonia's transition to 100% traceable down.

Our conversations around traceability within the fashion / apparel supply chain were very similar to conversations I've had with Darren Robertson - Three Blue Ducks whilst working together on other projects, the principle is the the same - where does our food/fashion come from and how is it grown/made (sustainability, organically, ethically). 

It was only natural to bring the two conversations together, over a well cooked meal by Darren and Grant (Founders, Three Blue Ducks) 

Clare Press, a progressive journalist, author and supporter of sustainable fashion, wrote a wonderful piece about it in her column at the time, FASH_FWD in Sunday Style

For more details on Patagonia's traceable down - visit their website. Local Australian Mel Tually, pioneer of Fashion Revolution in Australia is also a wonderful source of knowledge and will always encourage you to ask #whomademyclothes.