A literary study in the making, Simpatico is an explorative journey inside the minds of some of Australia’s best creative practitioners, highlighting the relationship between their value of the natural environment and its seminal influence on their work as well as examining how some of the new global trends will, if at all, affect the way in which they evolve.

As we stand in the face uncertain times; a highly uneasy (and almost distressingly entertaining) political landscape, scientific consensus of the threat of climate change, an overwhelmingly growing population and a middle class one at that, (predicted to be 4.9 billion[1] of an 8.5 billion population in 2030[2]) as well as rapidly accelerating technology posing the Fourth Production Revolution, how are our local practitioners thinking about this new era?

Are they looking at ways to adapt? How is this influencing their work? And how do they ensure that their practices continue to indeed be, Simpatico with nature.


[1] Pezzini E 2018, ‘An emerging middle class’, OECDObserver.org http://oecdobserver.org/news/fullstory.php/aid/3681/An_emerging_middle_class.html

[2] Un.org, July 29th 2015 http://www.un.org/sustainabledevelopment/blog/2015/07/un-projects-world-population-to-reach-8-5-billion-by-2030-driven-by-growth-in-developing-countries/