Shaping the future of fashion

Clare Press, Marnie Skillings, Rachel Rutt, Tiana Wallace and Louise Van Der Vorst were just a few guests that attended a carefully curated symposium to bring to life a narrative around Shaping The Future of Fashion, developed in collaboration with Clean Cut. 

The symposium explored the intersection between positive social and environmental practice and the Fashion industry. Kate Sala, former Chief Operating Officer of Honest By shared her story working alongside Bruno Pieters to ensure full supply chain transparency within the brand. Clare Press - Sunday Style, joined to share her passion for a sustainable and ethical fashion industry and how she can work towards this as a goal within her role as a well known Australian media identity, and Paul Smith founder of Compassionomics inspired guests to think about new models of business in which these practices can be supported. 

Guests enjoyed an evening of storytelling and knowledge sharing in the aim of inspiring change within the current paradigm of the industry. 

Blue Murder Studios partnered with us to develop our content, and Studio Neon developed an innovative culinary experience to accompany our conversation. Trolley'd collaborated with Noble Spirits to develop a bespoke cocktail for the evening. The Flower Era adorned us with native local flowers. 

Asta kindly provided the music for our video. 

Take a look at our event e-book for recipes, guest list (some goodies on here worth reaching out to) and narrative.