What are the bsides

The Bsides is a community that we have created in the aim of connecting the dots between the brilliant people that we know and meet on a daily basis. Need advice? A referral? Want to collab? Just reach out and we will make some recommendations and then connect the dots between you!

WHY is the community so special

Just take a peek! Every member is passionate about relationships, exceptionally talented and interested in being connected for the right opportunities.

how do I join?

The Bsides is invitation only at the moment. NO we are not being exclusive, we are focused on quality over quantity right now so that our members are making genuine connections. We are all about adding real value, trust and eliminating ‘noise’ (i.e. random requests on LinkedIn!).

In saying that - please feel free to get in touch if there are some genuine synergies here. We are adding the right members on a weekly basis.


DO I need to be a member to connect with the community

It helps, however, feel free to get in touch to if you want to have a chat about connecting with someone in particular so we can perhaps try to join the dots for you.

does being a member cost anything?

Nope - we are here to serve.

what are the bsessions

The Bsessions are an event series that we run with the Bsides community. They aim to spark conversations around critical topics within contemporary culture and cultivate deeper relationships. Essentially these events catalyse collaboration and ignite innovation. They are also a great way to get the media talking about you.

how can i get involved in the events

Do you have something you want to say? People you want to connect with? Get in touch and we can work with you on getting it out there…