Would you eat this little guy?

A growing world population, emissions from traditional farming practices and water scarcity continue to put pressure on natural resources and in turn, we as a species need to adapt and evolve when it comes to our food choices especially when it comes to protein. Could bug or insects be the answer?

According to the World Economic Forum, there are some great statistics to suggest so and not only that, the market value of insects is meant to triple, possibly making them a very healthy investment opportunity indeed.

There are some great leaders in Australia who are not only working to develop local solutions, but also dish them up to their patrons. Kylie Kwong has been making insects cool circa 2013.

Canberran based B2B business Goterra re purposes food waste to feed their insects turning them into livestock feed, essentially diverting tonnes and tonnes of waste back into the system whilst others are focused on developing protein powders out of them.

It won’t be long until eating insects becomes the new normal…