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According to the World Economic Forum it takes 2,700 litres of water to produce 1 tee-shirt.

Yes, just one tee-shirt. FYI, in case you haven’t heard - Australia is in major drought. How many tee-shirts do you have in your closet? Or how many do you find yourself just tossing to the back of your cupboard for a rainy day? The War on Waste recently revealed that Australian’s throw out 6,000 kilograms of clothing and textiles every 10 minutes. Do the math here - 1 tee-shirt = how many kilograms = how much water…

Let’s add one more detail to the equation.

Almost $47billion sits dormant in cupboards or ordinary individuals like you and I, in the form of clothing.

If we carefully put all of these elements together, pair it with technology which has enabled the sharing economy = we can keep these clothes out of landfill and earn a pretty little penny.

Movements such as collaborative consumption have fuelled new business models and employed circular tactics - the fashion industry is catching on and we are seeing more and more ‘fashion as a service’ type companies emerge.

What Newromantic is loving is the peer to peer sharing models that are enabling a form of micro-commerce. Experience over ownership, lack of tangible space (given population growth, un attainable house prices etc) and career hacking (future of work) set the perfect landscape for these models as we navigate our way out of tradition.

Enter Tumnus, a peer to peer rental marketplace that aims to minimise the environmental and societal impact of fast fashion by encouraging the sharing of clothes. Sharing reduces landfill, extends the life cycle of clothing and saves money.

IT ALSO MEANS THAT YOU CAN MAKE MONEY on what you already own…

How Tumnus Works

  • Explore the Tumnus fashion community and browse hundreds of wardrobes in your area at

  • Search according to size and style, then unlock access to each other’s wardrobes by click ‘Borrow now’ and chat away.

  • Easily share pieces from your wardrobes, and simply borrow to mix with your own to create new looks. The lender set a sharing time limit that suits them, then courier or collect, it’s up to the borrower.

Come and check it out as Tumnus makes its way to Sydney on 16th - 17th Feb @ Comber Street Studios in Paddington.