Sick of this mess?

The age of convenience has afforded us many luxuries to complement our busy lifestyles and one one material has been greatly significant to this - yes, plastic. Across many industries, designers globally embraced plastic as an efficient resource and with rising populations came rising demand - and rising waste.

8 million metric tonnes of plastic ends up in our oceans - a growing concern for our marine life and our waterways.

Designers have a major part to play in tackling this challenge. Their unique and innovative vision offers a vehicle for society to interpret ‘mess’ as beauty, and systemically we can move from a linear to circular economy.

Sydney based design agency Supercyclers have based their entire business model on harnessing plastic from the ocean and turning it into beautiful, valuable, objects for use. Bakelite is one of their most recent materials which repurposes plastic scavenged from the seas in the aim of protecting Australian shores from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

Light, durable and just beautiful - the material can be used to create sustainably designed products. They also offer ready made collections such as their bento boxes and cups - for purchase here.

Collaboration and adequate investment is key when it comes to moving the needle within the circular economy, requiring design studios such as Supercyclers to work with plastic recovery groups, a range of designers and more in the aim of realising a final product.

So, if you’re sick of the plastic mess we are in, have a think about how you can play your part - in the meantime, grab a bento box and get inspired.


valentina zarew