Here fishy fishy

Let’s face it - traceability is not ‘sexy - but either is species depletion. Imagine turning up at one of your favourite restaurants only to learn that fish is no longer on the menu? Sydney Chef and restauranteur Matt Moran of Aria, was recently exposed to a piece of blockchain technology developed by WWF and BCG Digital Ventures, which provided him full traceability of a wild-caught Patagonian tooth fish.

OpenSC is a piece of food blockchain technology that provides traceability - from ocean to plate.

How and why is this a game-changer? Because population growth is out of control. Over-fishing is leading our oceans to extinction. Beef fraud is on the rise. And more to the point - ‘consumers’ are really starting to care, favouring products that give them an insight into the provenance of their food.

Blockchain technology empowers the purchaser with information enabling them to make sound decisions - is this food fresh, is this an endangered species, is this really coming from the true source, did any animal suffer, what was the carbon impact; based on their values and economic position.

Pulling our your smart device and scanning a label to ascertain this information used to be a pipe dream. With advances in technology, industry collaboration and robust certification, it is becoming a reality.

I wonder what Klaus Schwab will make of it all when the Patagonian toothfish is served at Davos this week as part of the World Economic Forum’s annual summit.

Confused about what to look for when shopping for your seafood? Look for the Marine Stewardship Council logo.