You don't like fashion? Well fashion doesn't like you

As an industry, fashion gets a bad wrap. Often cited as ‘vacuous’ by those who have deemed themselves ‘better than,’ this medium is and has been since the 15th century, a very important form of story-telling.

Just by looking at the dress of either women or men throughout history, you can get a sense of which century they belonged, which status they held and in some cases an insight into the mind of the individual.

Dutch brand Victor & Rolf has worked tirelessly to bridge the divide between Art and Fashion, harnessing the medium in the same way a painter works with their paintbrush. The couture collection released at Paris fashion week did exactly that with loud and bold statements printed on tulle, examining the literal form of expression bequest to you via each dress.

The collection is savvy, empowering and has drawn world-wide attention for its approach. Because, today - almost every individual has something to say… and fashion is just another medium to do so.