Connect with Angela D'Alton

First name: Angela

Last name: D’Alton

My expertise: Communications, Australian Independent Art and Design, Systems, Events, Team Management, Production

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I’d like to connect with people: for advice / for referrals / to receive a project / to start a conversation / to attend an event

A Moment With…

On a Monday you can find me easing into the week. I’m not a morning person nor a Monday person so I tend to start slowly with a walk and a coffee before getting stuck into my planning and scheduling for the week.

But on Sundays I like to eat French toast, walk the dogs, enjoy some couch time with a coffee, maybe hit the pub in the afternoon for a schooner of draught

I’m inspired by loving, generous, considerate, compassionate and kind people, effective design, beautiful art, moving music, nature’s incredible flora and fauna

My purpose is to help people achieve their dreams

I’m currently reading Less by Andrew Sean Greer and Dare to Lead by Brene Brown

I look up to authentic people working hard for the benefit of humanity

Connect with me if you’re keen for some honest feedback or genuine advice, need someone to get shit done, keen to connect to the independent maker community of Australia