Connect with Armina Rosenberg

First name: Armina

Last name: Rosenberg

My expertise: Investing, particularly in the stock market but also fixed income, derivatives, private equity, startups, life decisions...

I’d like to connect with people: for advice / for referrals / to receive a project / to start a conversation / to attend an event

A Moment With…

On a Monday you can find me checking the overnight markets making sure the value of my portfolio is still rising, meeting with a bunch of interesting companies and having lunch or hitting the gym with a close friend

But on Sundays I like to go for a bush walk, do a dance class and/or laze in the sun with a good book or podcast

I’m inspired by people who overcome adversity to achieve incremental changes in the world and who aren’t afraid to express themselves in a unique way

My purpose is to make the world a better place by providing capital to companies that can do just that

I’m currently reading Bad Blood by John Carreyrou about the Theranos scandal. A must read to understand the pitfalls of Silicon Valley and the dark side of a salesperson’s charisma

I look up to... so many people both known and unknown. I look up to my mentors like Sally Auld, Economist at JPMorgan, Kim Jackson at Skip Capital; my boss, Mike Cannon-Brookes; my colleague and co-investment manager, Jeremy Kwong-Law; my exercise inspiration, Turia Pitt and the dancers of Playground LA; my Mum, who singlehandedly raised 3 kids by herself in a foreign country; my investing inspirations, Buffett of course but also Ray Dalio, Howard Marks, and local guys like Thomas Rice, Hamish Douglas, Geoff Wilson, David Parradice, Chris Prunty

Connect with me if you want to chat to someone who is blunt and hard-hitting with advice but also humble enough to ask you for help!