Connect with Emma Metcalf

First name: Emma

Last name: Metcalf

My expertise: Producer, Director & Film Maker

I’d like to connect with people: for advice / for referrals / to receive projects / to start a conversation / to attend an event

A Moment With…

On a Monday you can find me at sunrise on Bronte beach, followed by getting stuck in to a big week of navigating production, creating stories and keeping on top of the ever changing digital landscape

But on Sundays I like to make my weekends count - exploring secret beaches, working on my passion projects, fulfilling my thirst for craptastic Netflix and actually having downtime

I’m inspired by great acts of kindness, powerhouse leaders in business who are also compassionate and innovative, people crusading to save our environment, travelling the globe, and the community I’m surrounded by - love you all

My purpose is to live a fulfilling life, see as much of it as I can, continue to learn more, be the best I can be at all that I do and pass that knowledge on to those it may help or need it

I’m currently reading Twyla Tharp’s, ‘The Creative Habit’

I look up to way to many people to list but it is a mixture of friends, family and change makers in all aspects of the world in many different areas.

Connect with me if you have a love for all things wild, creative and free (plus obviously work stuffs - that’s cool too:)