Connect with Jenny Ringland

First name: Jenny 

Last name: Ringland 

My expertise: Content creation and creative partnerships in the lifestyle and sustainability space

A link to my work:

I’d like to connect with people: for advice / to start conversations / to attend an event / to explore collaborations

A Moment With… 

On a Monday you can find me at my desk after having dropped off all three of my daughters at their respective school, pre-school and daycares, face-timing my biz partner Erica Watson and planning the week’s content

But on Sundays I like to drink coffee (always), do pilates and swim in the ocean 

I’m inspired by the amazing people I am lucky enough to meet through my work

My purpose is to create a healthier and simpler life for myself and my family 

I’m currently reading Still Me by JoJo Moyes  

I look up to so many people! Damon and Zoe Gameau for their authentic and positive approach to implementing change, Cyan Ta’eed who is the co-founder of three brilliant start-ups including Envato - she makes herself accessible and is so self deprecating, and of course Valentina Zarew who so obviously takes joy in connecting like minded people for good

Connect with me if you’d like to collaborate on events or content or just want to have coffee and a chat.