Connect with Laura Jayes

First name: Laura

Last name: Jayes

My expertise: Politics Journalist, Host of Sky News First Edition and AM Agenda

A link to my work: Twitter @ljayes

I’d like to connect with people: for advice / for referrals / to receive a project / to start a conversation / to attend an event

On Mondays you can find me at work at 4am preparing for my show on Sky News. Discussing the issues of the day and telling you all you need to know about politics.

On Sundays I like to run, swim and drink wine. I’d do all three at the same time if I could. I’m also either dreaming about my next holiday adventure, well into the next planning of one or on one. 

I’m inspired by things close to home and far away. Nothing is as levelling and inspiring as a close family - and I’ve got that. Travelling does the same. It resets and recalibrated and gives you a perspective on life and work that you can’t get from anything else.

My purpose is to be ‘real’. As a political commentator and journalist my job is to cut through the spin, fairly inform the public and make sure people have the facts. I don’t shy away from important conversations, I seek them out when they need to be had.

I’m currently reading fiction. ‘Boy Swallows Universe’ by Trent Dalton - A great Australian. A wonderful writer who’s been kept a secret for way too long.

I look up to David Speers, Christian Amanpour, my sisters.

Connect with me if you have a business or news story to highlight, if you want me to chair a important discussion or if you just want to talk politics.