Connect with Laurence Kain

First name:  Laurence

Last name: Kain

My expertise: Brand strategy, Small business, events & Being a Wild Cat

A link to my work: General Manager Capital Brewing Company

I’d like to connect with people for: Brand partnerships and fun times

A Moment With…

On a Monday you can find me cruising the brewery production floor & discussing production schedules & a safety meeting before retreating to the office for maximum Aero Press action. Safety first, coffee later

But on Sunday’s I like to hang with the fam, Canyoning in the Blue Mountains, Back Country Skiing Kousciousco, Cooking Food, Reading Books, Mindlessly scrolling social media for memes and babes are a few of my favourite things

I’m inspired by the craft beer community / industry in Australia - it is super collaborative, inclusive and fun. Elon Musk - because I am reading his biography at the moment and the dude is a weapon

My purpose is to make amazing beer, develop a really epic brand and community of people around our brewery and take as much business away from multinational ‘big beer’ as possible

I’m currently reading the Elon Musk Biography, Papillon Barefoot Investor Families to teach my kids the good lessons about pocket money and credit cards! For some reason I always have three books. I aim to finish 3 a month

I look up to Tim Macartney Snape - A good friend of mine, he walked from the shoeline of the Bay of Bengall in India to the Summit of Everest without oxygen. He is over 60 and I can barely keep up with the dude on skis

Connect with me if you want to get involved in a brand partnership or event. Or if you want to go ski some mountains out the back and poop in a tube and carry it home. Leave no trace, it’s how we roll