Connect with Monique Lutcherhand

First name: Monique

Last name: Luchterhand

My expertise: Womenswear Design / Colour Curation /  Fashion & lifestyle trend research / Reimagining Vintage & Second Hand Clothing 

I’d like to connect with people: for advice / for referrals / to receive a project / to start a conversation / to attend an event

A Moment With… 

On a Monday you can find me Up early with my little boy, getting some fresh air - either walking or stretching on my yoga mat, then madly rushing to get out the door to work on time.  Once i’m in the office i’m catching up on emails & taking some time to look / read / absorb something inspiring to start the week

But on Sundays I like to wake-up slow & be with my family.  Take the time to make a delicious breakfast, followed by a walk to the beach for a swim & catch-ups with friends 

My purpose is to create beautiful, mindful, purposeful things to share with the world

I’m currently reading ‘Good is the new Cool’ , ‘The Seat of the Soul’  & ‘ The Fashion, Craft Revolution Magazine’ 

I look up to Women who live a full & happy life with integrity & purpose 

Connect with me if you have a project that is aligned with my purpose / If you want to find out more about my experience / If you want to collaborate on something cool