Connect with Sarah Ackroyd

First name: Sarah

Last name: Ackroyd

My expertise: Working across multiple categories in the fashion sector, through design, development & production with a growing knowledge of sustainable and ethical practises

I’d like to connect with people: for advice / for referrals /to receive a project /to start a conversation / to attend an event

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A Moment With…

On a Monday you can find me working closely with my team on the week ahead followed by a walk on the beach, a swim in the sea or yoga.

But on Sundays I like to relax, swim in the ocean, explore a new place, read a book, enjoy a glass of wine, watch a band, or curl up & watch a movie, anything that leaves me smiling at the end of the day.

I’m inspired by nature, travel, people creating & driving change for a better earth, cultures, and positivity.

My purpose is to travel, learn, educate and share.

I’m currently reading The Secret by Katerina Diamond, and about to move onto Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari, i’m an avid library goer so constantly have a book to hand.

I look up to people who are trying to inspire change for a better world, cliche but true, and people with passion (also people who can dance! ;)!).

Connect with me if you share common interests and would love to discuss, create, brainstorm or work together on an exciting project. I would love to hear from you…..

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