Connect with Scott Maggs

Name: Scott Maggs (Jimmy Niggles Esq.)

Expertise: Creative / Copywriter / Charity CEO / Slashy

Keen to connect with: Potential beard growers, health professionals, entrepreneurs, brands, media, and generally, kind, fun, interesting adventurers

Link to my work:

On Monday you can find me at Bronte, watching the surf, working on my laptop

But on Sundays I like to surf

I’m inspired by people who have overcome the odds, who make their own paths, and things that push the boundaries

My purpose is to connect with good people, create ideas together and make them happen, in a fun, rewarding way

I’m currently reading Never Eat Alone” by Keith Ferrazi

Connect with me if you’d like to help Beard Season save even more lives, or want a solid creative/copywriter for your upcoming projects