NR Philanthropic is dedicated to working on projects to support NGO’s, NFP’s and organisations giving back to society and the environment. Between 10-20% of time is spent providing the below services:

  • Business and brand strategy and advisory

  • Relationship broker - strategic partnerships and collaborations

  • Marketing communications and PR

  • Events and fundraisers

InternAtional Women’s Day- fundraiser

In support of UN Women for International Women’s Day, we are hosting a fundraising event.

Providing a platform for women in business, this event will bring to life the overarching theme #morepowerfultogether and explore challenges, triumphs and roadmaps from women in traditionally male dominated industries.

Chaired by the imitable Laura Jayes (Sky News Host), Level Up invites you to join the discussion and connect with a room full of individuals all committed to ensuring that we are all #morepowerfultogether.