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level up - Sydney design festival 2019

Photo source: Liane Rossler

Photo source: Liane Rossler


How open source design is enabling us to be the creator vs the consumer

Over half the global population has access to the internet and the internet of things provides us with a platform to share, to connect and to create. Open source technology has given us the ability to share socially and environmentally progressive ideas and designs in the aim of enabling individuals with the ability to become the creator vs the consumer.

Join us for an intimate conversation with forward thinking panellists to explore future trends and the positive impact that open source design coupled with technology offers us to level up for present and future generations.

Speakers include:

HY William Chan Cities, Urban Design Strategist
Angela D’Alton Craft & Maker Movement, mentor and advisor
Jesse Adams Stein Design researcher technological change and industrial craft 
Alexander Symes Architect and sustainable built environments
Liane Rossler Superlocalstudio
Valentina Zarew New Romantic

Topics include environmental design thinking for an evolving world, the commercial revolution for makers, design for urbanisation and growing populations, breaking years of tradition and creating your own products.


Presented by Superlocalstudio and New Romantic


Tickets: donation $33 towards the Sweet Nature Project