“Succeeding in business is all about making connections.” - Richard Branson. Constellation is a platform that offers you a personal connection to bright sparks within my network. A trusted referral is the best way to connect and collaborate.

We are here to connect the dots.

WHY is the community so special

Just take a peek! Every individual is passionate about relationships - the give over the take, exceptionally talented and interested in being connected for the right opportunities.

I’ve already made over 50 successful and fruitful connections since getting the platform up and running.

how do I join?

Constellation is invitation only at the moment. NO we are not being exclusive, focused on quality over quantity right now in the aim of developing genuine connections. It’s all about adding real value, trust and eliminating ‘noise’ (i.e. random requests on LinkedIn!).

In saying that - please feel free to get in touch if there are some genuine synergies here. Individuals are being added on a daily basis.


DO I need to be a part of MY CONSTELLATION to connect with individuals

No but you will need to provide some background details on the why. Everyone is playing by the rules and it’s give over take…

does this cost anything?

Nope - we are here to serve.